Ari Marcopoulos PORTRAITS

Clothbound hardcover with tipped in photograph.
148 pages
9.5in x 11in
Published by IDEA
Designed by Brian Roettinger
Edition of 500
Last copy available
Ari Marcopoulos moved to New York in 1980. His first book was published in 1987. The title was Portraits From The Studio And The Street and that was exactly what it was. Ari walked the city, asking strangers to take their pictures. He invited himself to all the gallery openings in order to meet the artists he would photograph them in their studios. Thirty-seven years later, Ari is still very much at large in New York, his curiosity undiminished. He has published scores of books in this time and that first book has become scarce and increasingly valuable.The original introduction to the book was by Glenn O'Brien. It is reproduced in the new edition alongside a second introduction he wrote in 2016. On the day this book was due to print, Glenn O'Brien passed away. He had been a supporter and friend of Ari's from the earliest days. 
Rather than a traditional re-print, the 2017 edition – designed by Brian Roettinger – is styled as a photocopy of the original book, with previously unseen images.