Avant Garde 7


Editor: Ralph Ginzburg 
Designer: Herb Lubalin 
Publisher: Avant Garde New York 
Language: English 
Binding: Paperback

Condition: Acceptable

Iconic magazine 

Product Description: 
Avant Garde Magazine was published between January 1968 and July 1971. During it's short run it had featured literary articles, commentary, art and photography by influential writers and artists of the era.

About Herb Lubalin: 
Lubalin was a brilliant, iconoclastic advertising art director. He has also been a publication designer of great originality and distinction. He designed startling "Eros" in the early 60s, intellectually and visually astringent "Fact" in the mid-60s, lush and luscious "Avant Garde" late in the same decade, and founded "U&lc" in 1973 and saw it flourish into the 80s.

About Ralph Ginzburg: 
Ralph Ginzburg was an American author, editor, publisher and photo-journalist. He was best known for publishing books and magazines ("Eros", "Fact", "Avant Garde") on erotica and art and for his conviction in 1963 for violating federal obscenity laws.