BERG (Mountain)

Photography project by Benjamin Lewin.

Edition of 15 numbered copies
Copy number 9 of 15 
20 pages
Nylon Slipecase (handmade)
21 x 26.5 cm

Designed by Colin Doerffler.

About Benjamin Lewin:
He was born on 1989 in Plauen, Germany, lives and works in Berlin and studies photography at the FH of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld. Mainly he deals with the absent in photography and tries to make things visible without directly showing them. 

About BERG:
"In my work BERG (Mountain) I convey how confused and impressed I felt during my very first trip to an alpine mountain range. Standing alone at 3123m above sea level and experiencing nature in a way I hadn‘t before, led to an sublime but disoriented emotion. The fact that all the pictures were made in one day, within only 1.5 hours (13: 26: 31h - 15: 06: 06h), because the conditions did not allow me to stay longer, shows the power with which Nature determines what is possible and impossible." B. Lewin.