Dinamo Specimen


Dinamo (Johannes Breyer and Fabian Harb) compiled for the first time their released typeface (2013-2017) into one newspaper like publication. Each typeface occupies one sheet. The front side displays the repertoire and entire character set, the back side shows a imagery they manipulated to reflect its core idea. Additionally, each sheet has been printed using a different offset raster, so that the publication is therefore not only a type, but also a print-raster specimen.

Concept by Giliane Cachin & Dinamo
Graphic Design by Giliane Cachin
Photo Editing by Dinamo
Printing by Pöge Druck, Leipzig
Screenprinting by Gallery Print, Berlin

Collaborators: Andrea Anner, Morgan Brown, Giliane Cachin, Sabo Day, Gustavo Ferreira, Elias Hanzer, Erkin Karamemet, Seb McLachlan, Igino Marini, Alessandro Saccoia, Felix Salut, Immo Schneider, Jakub Straka, Chi-Long Trieu, Christopher Lawson

250 copies

Sheets come in 8 different, randomly chosen orders.