Film + Design


291 pp.
30 x 23.6 cm
German, English
Author: Peter von Arx, Birgit Hein and Armin Hofmann
Designer: Peter von Arx, Basel
Publisher: Verlag Paul Haupt, Bern & Stuttgart
Edition: 1st, 1983
ISBN: 978-3-03778-160-9

The book contains works of Armin Hoffman, Wolfgang Weingart, Manfred Maier, Christian Mengelt, ...

The Visual Communication Institute at the Basel School of Design began teaching graphic design in film and animation as a new discipline in 1968. Peter von Arx designed the program and the class was called Film + Design. The book is considered the first comprehensive work on motion graphics design and is noted for its non-narrative motion media applications. The superb captioned reproductions on black paper are photographic enlargements of 16mm film shot by students of AGS Basel and show compositions in film, video, and animation media, some with frame-by-frame sequencing.

«The first section of this book explains the elementary phenomena and dimensions of film according to the school program’s analytical studies.

The second section is devoted to didactic methodological aspect, explaining how one designs with the elementary phenomena and dimensions of film in our film program.

The third section shows how the elementary phenomena and dimensions of film are applied to graphic problems or further advanced into structural film experiments.