J'aime la Télévision


240 pp.
200 x 135 mm
Typography, Héliogravure (Rotogravure)
Printed in Lausanne, Switzerland
Jacques Peuchmaurd (text), Robert Gnant (photography)
Designer: Jacques Plancherel
Publisher: Les Éditions Rencontre Lausanne
Edition: 1st, 1962 

It is in this context of modernization that the «J’aime» collection is launched. It is directed by photographer and filmmaker Yvan Dalain and journalist Jean-Pierre Moulin. Their first project is to create together, through photography and text, a book about the music hall, which interests both of them. For this purpose, they contact several publishing houses and finally agree with Rencontre, which, however, requires an extension to a collection of thirteen volumes, published monthly between the end of 1961 and 1969. This decision is part of the club’s policy. book, which publishes his works in annual series sold by subscription.

Part of the Swiss graphic design history, this book series was a turning point in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Recognized internationally, the «new Swiss Style» trend was widespread in German-speaking Switzerland, but still not well represented in French-speaking Switzerland. Jacques Plancherel brought (among others) this new trend in this part of Switzerland. We can see the use of the grid for the layout, allowing to organize in a varied and precise way the relationships between the different elements that make up the page, the use of sans-serif typeface and the innovative interaction with strong black and white photography. The rhythm of the photographs created by Plancherel is really impressive. We can also thanks the composing quality of Robert Gnant’s photographs.

The Rotogravure (Héliogravure) and typography printing techniques are the key of these impressive contrasts and deep black color in the pictures. Typographers of «Les Imprimeries populaires» of Lausanne introduced the rotogravure technique in 1931 in Switzerland, an avant-garde method that will make the company’s reputation and that created an amount of beautiful publications printed in Lausanne, Switzerland.