TWEN – 1965 Issue 2


Designer: Willy Fleckhaus 
Language: German 
Size: 265 × 335 mm 
Binding: Softcover

Product Description: 
Twen was a West German magazine that was published from 1959 to 1971, and known for its innovative design and typography. Twen was pitched at "people in their twenties, from 15 to 30", thus its name, Twen.

German designer Willy Fleckhaus was Twen's art director throughout its existence. Fleckhaus was heavily influenced by the Swiss formalism shown in the layout of the Twen magazine. He used rigid grid layout, simple typography and striking, often erotic, images.

The grid of the Twen magazine was 12 column grid which was used in a seemingly endless number of ways combining its columns to produce two, three, four or six column layout. This is considered one of the most notable grids ever developed for magazine layout.

Fleckhaus used striking images in an innovative way, cropping and manipulating them to create strange shapes. He also heavily used close up’s and Twen’s photography was dramatic and different, ahead of its time often making use of rounded corners, making images tightly tied in the columns of justified text.

Another hallmark of Twen magazine was heavy usage of solid black color. Twen was the first publication that used a blue “shined” ink underneath process black to give the richness to the page.

Typography used in Twen was based on the Modernist approach developed in central Europe between the wars and in Switzerland in the 50’s. He predominantly used sans serif typefaces stripped of unnecessary detail. Headlines were set in condensed or even compressed variations and usually in all caps.

(text: magazinedesigning)