Type Life #1 Special Lab v2


Author: Swiss Typefaces
Designer: Swiss Typefaces
Publisher: SWTY Publishing, 2018
Language: English
Pages: 24 pp
Size: 23.5 x 32 cm
Binding: Softcover, loop staples
Printing: Offset, 6 Pantone colors
Printed in Switzerland
Print run: 1500 copies

Product Description:
Type Life #1 is back! Type Life is a series of printed publications about design, typography and lifestyle, presented by Swiss Typefaces. The first issue was published in June 2017, and soon after sold out. Letter lovers who missed out on securing a copy can now rejoice: Type Life #1 is available again. The new edition is not just a reprint, but an enhanced update. It boosts four more pages and a revised design with new colors. The content was extended, too. In addition to new images, version 2 features several new typefaces that were created in the past months.

Type Life is packed to the brim with letterforms, and yet it is not a specimen. It’s a celebration of style and a wellspring of inspiration. Instead of long texts, there are lots of images, including photography, illustration, lettering, and exclusive previews of upcoming typefaces, forming a highly visual experience. Each issue is devoted to one chosen theme, and is made in collaboration with guest artists, illustrators, and designers. The printing process along with the use of metallic and neon colors is a key aspect. Apart from the format of a newspaper magazine, the identity of Type Life changes with every issue, depending on the topics and the guests.

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