Vasarely – Volume 2


Author: Victor Vasarely 
Designer: Victor Vasarely 
Publisher: Éditions du Griffon, Neuchâtel 
Edition: 1971 
Language: French 
Pages: 208 p 
Size: 27.5 x 27.5 cm 
Weight: 1800 g 
Binding: Hardcover, cloth binding, dustjacket 
Printed in Switzerland – Spot colors, metallics, transparent pages 
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Condition: Good – Some of the inside pages are no longer hold by the binding

Collectible book 
Out-of-print edition

Product Description: 
The great reference monograph conceived and designed by the artist.

Victor Vasarely (1906, Pécs, Hungary - 1997, Paris) is a unique artist in the history of twentieth century art. Famous during his lifetime, he distinguished himself from contemporary art with the creation of a new movement: optical art. The evolution of his life of work is inherently coherent, progressing from graphic art to the artist’s determination to promote a social art that is accessible to all.